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Product Application

Cold rolled steel coil Applications
Cold rolled proudcts are widely used in Building & Construction,automobile, home appliances, chemical industry, etc.In addition they can also be used as substrate for HDG, AZ, and PPGI.

Galvalume Applications
Infrastructure: Roofing; External Siding; Garage; Shutter
Household Appliances: Oven; Air-Conditioning Ventilation System; Solar Water Heater; Electronics;
Automobile : Mobile Muffler; Vent Pipe; Catalysis Converter Heater Shield; Bottom Accessories;
Industrial Instrument: Electric Control Cabinet; Industrial Freezer Chest; Dispenser;

Galvanized Applications
HDG product can be used in automobile, home appliances,medical Instruments, machinery industries, etc.
Infrastructure: Automobile Industrial Instrument Civilian and Industrial Roofing; Outside Wall; Fence
Household Appliances Automobile Industrial Instrument Oven; Air-Conditioning Ventilation System; Solar Water Heater; Electronics;
Industrial Instrument Oil Line; Natral Gas Transmission Line; Chemical & Industrial Pipe Network; Piling; Water Supply System; Sewage Treatment System.

Prepainted steel coil Applications
Outdoor: roof, roof structure, surface sheet of balcony, frame of window, door, garage doors, roller shutter door, booth, Persian blinds, cabana, refrigerated wagon and so on.
Indoor: door, isolators, frame of door, light steel structure of house, sliding door, folding screen, ceiling, internal decoration of toilet and elevator.

Steel bar Applications
Building materia,construction, road, machinery processing, and welding fields

Steel billets Applications
Wire Rod Etc/Deformed bar/angle bar/beams/UPN/IPE/IPU