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What Are The Main Forms Of The Three Kinds Of Joints Of Steel Wire Rod Rigging?
Jul 14, 2017

There are three common types of Steel Wire Rod sling joints: pressing, casting and inserting

1) The main processing methods of pressing Steel Wire Rod sling are: aluminum alloy pressing, steel pipe pressing

2) Steel Wire Rod insert is divided into manual insert and machine insert

3) Casting Steel Wire Rod is divided into cold casting and hot casting

4) Other, such as unlined Steel Wire Rod

Regardless of the form of the production of Steel Wire Rod sling, the Steel Wire Rod factory must be broken tensile test, must ensure that the safety performance of qualified products

Should pay attention to the use of the problem:

First, regardless of what type of Steel Wire Rod, must pay attention to lubrication effect; crane rope if the lubrication is not in place, grease can not effectively penetrate between the Steel Wire Rod shares, then the long rope wear and corrosion will cause early broken wire, especially Internal cord.

Second, the crane rope to be strictly concerned about the occurrence of kink phenomenon, crane dedicated Steel Wire Rod, such as 35W * 7 / 4V * 39S +5 FC If the installation is not in place, the initial installation of the existence of stress phenomenon, then the crane in the lifting process, do not rotate Steel Wire Rod will be kinked, and some Steel Wire Rod in the row of rope will occur on the bite rope accident.

So if the car hanging rope rope to deal with it? When installing a new Steel Wire Rod to the crane, the new rope should be tightened with fine soft wire to prevent the bulk and bulk.

So how to eliminate the Steel Wire Rod kink and bite rope phenomenon? Under normal circumstances, the new Steel Wire Rod decompression, we should let the Steel Wire Rod in a horizontal and natural state, thus eliminating the stress, so that when the replacement of the Steel Wire Rod to avoid kink phenomenon, to extend the life of the rope.