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What Are The Advantages Of Steel Wire Rod Performance Than Superior?
Jun 13, 2017

The rapid economic stagnation, lifting and loading and transportation work is the economic establishment of the various areas of the use of Steel Wire Rod more and more times and extensive. Almost in this situation, some lifting facilities and sling to build enterprises to seize the market, improve the lifting facilities and hoisting with rigging function and skill content, have developed and opened back with the same specifications of the new lifting Facilities and sling, the whole of the goods have become a norm and series. Detailed weakness has three times:

1, easy to cover

 Under the additional load of 1.6% expansion, stretching the characteristics of Steel Wire Rod near the Steel Wire Rod. Simultaneous lifting belt with a strange label, the use of international quasi-color to different tonnage, daily security check simple macro.

2, durable

Lifting belt to cope with the fall of a good parry force, the same time to deal with Steel Wire Rod hydrogen carbonate and large units of chemical filtrate and solvent have a high parry force, can be high, low temperature and simple lifting conditions in the application. Under the condition of large units, the lifting of the lifting belt as long as the cold water is dominated by pickled agent can be washed, if the fair use, the number of its life than the steel spreader is not less.

3, cumbersome

With the equivalent load of non-metallic chain than the lifting rope with only 20% of its weight. Tedious, more delicate, easy to dominate, handling and storage to change the characteristics of the lifting belt. In short, 2009 China sling imports up to 50% year on year, domestic sales have risen above 10%. Faced with a major economic situation, lifting with a rigging competition began to become fierce competition. Some of the import-oriented enterprises, due to more than for domestic sales resume, in order to destroy, cost-effective war, easy to react with the lifting of the rope with the cause of healthy growth.

The country sling with the cause of the past few years of growing agility, but the technical scale is not happy, overseas business casually property, and even private line Enron coefficient, is the country's hoisting Enron has a great confidant. For example, the transport of steel rope tied to tie the scope of the country is not yet scale. Lifting belt range only need to promote the scale, not yet forced scale.

We must not exhaust the relevant skills of the scale, come forward to force the relevant laws, talent to ensure that their own lifting and transport Enron. National traffic all, the logistics has started the relevant competition.

Now with the rigor of the cause of the growth, echo the scale come forward, is rushing to happiness, but there is no recognition that the rigging is now safe range of this result. China's living community occupation is not a small percentage, so since the Steel Wire Rod body to grow their own business, exist in their own patents, and handsome is the only way to grow, no or entirely in accordance with the scale of the ocean.