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The Principle Of Pickling And Annealing Of Cold Rolled Stee
Jul 05, 2017

In the commonly used Cold Rolled Stee, cold rolling technology, pickling and annealing is a lot of people do not understand the principle, the following we mainly for Cold Rolled Stee in the principle of pickling annealing process. The same time as the above-

Since there is a layer of iron oxide on the surface of the strip before the cold rolling, it is necessary to clean the layer of iron, which is the first step in the cold rolling process - pickling, after rolling, rolling strip Due to work hardening, the need for its annealing treatment, the need to soften the steel after the surface of the oil to clean up, if the clean up is not clean, the final result of the finished strip above the plaque, after the oil treatment after annealing process belt The steel surface is bright, in order to obtain the size and thickness of the demand, after the roughing machine is obtained with the requirements of the finished strip of finished products. In the rough before the machine according to customer requirements to cut, and finally can be used in the flow of steel products. The same time as the above-

The above is the Division I for the simple introduction of the cold rolled stee works in the principle of pickling and annealing, the rise of our company in the twentieth century, the eighties set Branch, workers, trade as one of the modern equipment manufacturing enterprises, Equipment, pressure vessels and environmental protection equipment professional research and development, design, manufacturing and engineering and technical services have been 30 years of history. I plant a number of years of technical experience and common development and cooperation to produce a multi-series, multi-standard new wall materials, solid waste combined with waste tobacco, wastewater comprehensive management, development and utilization out of a new high-tech content New road, is a national research and development of the first manufacturer, our company has its own professional research and design team, to provide customers with high-quality complete sets of equipment and technical services. The development of scientific process, to provide excellent machinery and equipment, technical level Habitat domestic leading position.