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Stainless Steel Plate Should Pay Attention To The Following Questions
Jun 13, 2017

To meet this requirement, you must pay attention to the following questions:

Stainless steel plate If the surface of the workpiece is attached with oil, the thickness of the scale of the oil attachment and the thickness and composition of the other parts are different and carburizing. The carburized part of the base metal will be severely attacked by acid. Heavy oil burner when the initial combustion of oil droplets, if attached to the workpiece, the impact is also great. The operation of the fingerprints attached to the workpiece will also be affected. Therefore, the bath for the major members do not touch the Stainless Steel Plate, do not make the workpiece stained with new oil. Must wear clean gloves.

If the surface of the workpiece if the cold processing of lubricating oil, etc., must be in the trichlorethylene degreasing agent, caustic soda solution fully defatted and then rinse with warm water, and then heat treatment.

Stainless steel plate If the surface of debris, especially organic matter or ash attached to the workpiece, the heating of course, will have an impact on the scale.

304 Stainless Steel Plate furnace atmosphere difference in the furnace atmosphere in the local differences, the formation of a scale will change, which is caused by acidity after the reasons for uneven. Therefore, in the heating, the furnace parts of the atmosphere must be the same. To this end, we must also consider the cycle of the atmosphere.

In addition, it is necessary to evaporate the moisture, and the parts of the direct contact with the water vapor are different from those of the other parts, and the formation of the scale is, of course, It is different. Therefore, objects that are in direct contact with the heated workpiece must be fully dried to use. However, after drying, such as placed at room temperature, in the case of high humidity, the water will still condense on the surface of the workpiece. So, it is best to dry before use.

Stainless steel plate If the local part of the treatment piece has residual oxide before heat treatment, there will be a fraction of the scale and composition of the scale on the remaining parts of the scale and the site where there is no scale. After the pickling, the surface is uneven , So not only pay attention to the final heat treatment, but also pay full attention to the middle heat treatment and pickling.

Oxygen or oil flames in direct contact with the Stainless Steel Plate and the place where the contact does not produce the difference. Therefore, it is necessary to make the treatment member not directly in contact with the flame port during heating.

The design of the Stainless Steel Plate roll is the most important factor affecting the internal quality of the slab. The casting flow direction of the Stainless Steel Plate continuous casting machine requires a more rigid rigidity due to the high creep rate of the ferrite steels at high temperatures and the spacing of the rollers More closely than carbon steel. The measures to be taken to avoid the internal cracks and central segregation of the slab mainly include: (1) theoretically continuous bending and straightening techniques can reduce the solid-liquid interface and surface strain more than the multi-point bending and straightening, so as to improve the inside of the slab And surface quality. The second is the use of small roll diameter, section roller and the middle of the roller bearing bearing width as small as possible, the fan-shaped section of the skew is not reduced to the minimum, in order to avoid the drum caused by internal cracks and center segregation. Third, in the solidification of the end of solid-liquid phase using soft reduction technology to reduce the central segregation. The electromagnetic stirring can make the grain refinement, reduce the columnar crystal, increase the equiaxed crystal; eliminate inclusions in the billet inner arc accumulation; improve slab center shrinkage; eliminate or reduce the center segregation.

The use of appropriate lubricants on the deep drawing of Stainless Steel Plate has a significant effect. Lubricant in the convex and concave die to form a layer of a certain toughness and elongation of the film, which is conducive to the deepening of stainless steel forming.

For the deep deformation of the deformation, the difficulty of forming stainless steel plate drawing parts, in the actual production can use polyvinyl fluoride film to act as a lubricant. Polyvinylidene film has excellent tensile strength, certain toughness and elongation and easy to clean. After the dry film is coated, the dry film can be deformed together with the blank during the drawing process. The blank can be always separated from the mold, and the film itself has a certain porosity and a large amount of fiber cracks. Therefore, the film can store some lubricating oil. Equivalent to a layer of dry film lubricant. This lubrication method can effectively isolate the deformed stainless steel plate from the mold surface, and the lubrication effect is good, which is beneficial to improve the service life of the mold and the qualified rate of the product.

There are other simple precautions such as the use of white cast iron to do the blank holder, because the white cast iron oil storage performance is good, easy to form a lubricating oil film; another example is the use of cone-shaped blank holder; the edge of the workpiece processing smooth , To remove the micro-split gap, can also effectively prevent cracking.