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Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Standard Greatly Entire
Oct 31, 2016

Standard greatly entire
1 the Ministry of labour [1996]140 pressure pipeline security management and monitoring requirements *
2 quality pot [pressure vessel and pressure piping design unit at 2002]235 licensing and management rules
3 Bureau of quality and technical supervision [1999]143 article about strengthening the management of safety supervision for liquefied petroleum gas station and notice
4 quality and technical supervision [1999]59 on the implementation of the Declaration on the strengthening of LPG stations, security monitoring and management of relevant issues 5 the original of the notice of the Ministry of labour [1996]276 steam boiler safety technology supervisory regulations *
6 the Ministry of labour [1997]74 hot water boiler safety technology supervisory regulations *
7 the Ministry of labour [1993]356, organic heat furnace safety supervision regulations *
8 Bureau of quality and technical supervision [1999]154 pressure vessel safety technology supervisory regulations *
9 GB4962-1985 technical specification for hydrogen safety
10 GB6222-1986 safety code for gas of industrial enterprises
11 GB11984-1989 chlorine gas safety regulations
12 GB13348-1992 liquid petroleum product safety rules of static electricity
13 SY6186-1996 safety regulations for oil and gas pipelines
14 SY5737-1995 oil pipeline safety regulations
15 guidelines for DL/T561-95 thermal power plant chemical supervision of water vapor
16 technical specifications for safety testing of penstock for DL/T709-1999