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Stainless Steel Decoration Engineering Production Process
Nov 01, 2017

The development prospect of stainless steel industry is very good, with the improvement of people's living standard, the application field of stainless steel extends from industry to family and agriculture. The scope of use continues to widen. Now the stainless steel decorative plate color Gorgeous, is a very good decorative materials, from the best design to production and processing, the final installation, after-sales service detailed introduction

1. Design drawings: In the design of stainless steel screen CAD, we will be at any time to maintain communication with customers.

2. Confirm the Order: the customer confirms the drawing, the price, the production time as well as the detailed production craft, arranges the deposit after the single success.

3. Arrange the production: The factory staff is more, each work position work progress and the work flow we all must carry on the reasonable plan and the arrangement.

4. Production: The production of stainless steel screen at the same time we will have a dedicated single person responsible for each product progress, and we will be the first time to let customers know the progress of the product is being done.

5. Quality Inspection report: After the production and processing, we will have QC personnel to inspect or assemble the products. We will ensure that the quality of products qualified and in accordance with customer requirements for production and processing.

6. Product Packaging: We will use wooden cases packaging stainless steel screen or according to customer requirements packaging products.

7. Delivery Installation: We will find the best freight method to fully consider for customers, of course, we can also provide installation and other one-stop service.

8. Customer service return: Guang-dai Metal will abide by the commitment, first person, after doing things. We have a professional customer service visit, answer the product use process maintenance and so on.