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Overcapacity Is Not Unique Iron And Steel Capacity Was Adamant
Oct 31, 2016

In Brussels, held shortly before the meeting of the iron and steel, it is blamed on China Steel overcapacity "culprit", Zheng Lixin this argument was refuted. "Overall, the steel industry is now very difficult, declining production, reduced benefits, especially some of the iron and steel enterprises operating with great difficulties. "Zheng Lixin said, according to the world steel Association statistics, global yield is 1.62 billion tons of crude steel in 2015, average capacity utilization of 69.7% in 2014, down 3.7%. Average capacity utilization in China and the world are basically the same. Therefore, steel overcapacity is not unique to our country's problems, but the world economy facing common problems, to solve this problem, is the common responsibility of all countries. "China's iron and steel production to meet domestic demand. "Zheng Lixin emphasized that China is the world's largest steel producer, is also the largest consumer of steel. In recent years, China Steel is used mainly for domestic consumption. By 2005, China has been a net importer of steel products, is now the world's fifth-largest importer. Since 2005, China's steel products, specifically in order to meet domestic demand, and trade under World Trade Organization rules. Therefore, not only does not encourage steel exports, and iron and steel producing country in the world, only restrictive measures on steel exports active country. Said Zheng Lixin, should also see that "Twelve-Five" during China's iron and steel industry to phase out backward production capacity and resolve the overcapacity has made significant achievements, accumulated about 90 million tons of obsolete steel capacity. After 5 years of hard work, now blast of 400 cubic meters and below, 30 tons and below converter and electric furnace has been basically eliminated. "Resolving on the issue of overcapacity in steel industry, our Government's stance is firm, the goal is clear, and has been included in this year's national economic and social development in the 13th five-year plan. "Zheng Lixin stressed that" Thirteen-Five "period, our Government will continue to attach great importance to and actively resolve the excess steel capacity. On February 1 this year, State Council to eliminate backward production capacity in recent years on the basis of, starting from 2016, 5 years to reduce crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 150 million ton target. Fulfill the goal for the future is very important basis for the healthy development of the iron and steel industry, but to achieve this goal, to do a lot of painstaking work required departments at all levels of local governments and enterprises to work together.