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Mirror Black Gold Stainless Steel Screen Painted A Pleasant Scenery
Oct 23, 2017

Fresh garden style mirror black gold stainless steel screen continued bedroom uniform style, bedside side of the bookcase as a whole presents a simple shape, and glass doors, irregular cabinet and unique fascia board to join, then in the elegant revealed a few changes and interest , In such a simple and pleasant pastoral scenery to read or meditate, it is very comfortable! The restaurant does not have a special side of the counter, the restaurant between the mirror black gold stainless steel screen partition cabinet as a wine cabinet function, transparent multi-grid design, the space is not significantly suppressed, and irregular cabinet grid layout, put on modern A sense of home furnishings ornaments, as a quite stylish visual enjoyment.

Mirror black gold stainless steel screen can be widely used in hotel lobby, office buildings, home decoration, etc., play a separation, landscaping, wind, coordination and so on. It is embraced with the furniture, complement each other, seamless, as the home decoration inseparable as a whole, showing a unique beauty, the middle of the mass design of the region, so that the owner of the favorite possession of the wine, the bottom of the closed Lockers, it is the place to store daily dishes, clean and tidy home.

Fresh pastoral style mirror black gold stainless steel screen depicts a refreshing natural scenery, the use of a unified style of color and material, more prominent living room space pastoral atmosphere. Simple shape, set the elegant tone for the entrance cabinet, and the plateau snow black white cabinet, decorated with South America cherry simple top line, fresh and pleasant. Semi-open storage mode, classification of daily necessities, orderly and have a certain degree of visual beauty.