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Lifting Steel Wire Rod With The Secret Of What Maintenance
Jun 23, 2017

There are many varieties of Steel Wire Rod, Steel Wire Rod structure model is also ever-changing, the rational use of Steel Wire Rod is not let you do whatever you want.

As a qualified supplier of Steel Wire Rod, in the supply to the customer must carefully ask the customer the basic requirements of the Steel Wire Rod, such as the use of mechanical equipment conditions, the nature of machinery and equipment, etc., this is not only responsible for the customer is also on their own Strict requirements.

Customers to 28mm Steel Wire Rod, you give my customers to provide 6 * 37 + FC ordinary garbage Steel Wire Rod, the results of customers get back to use in the rotary excavator, ten minutes less than broken; used in the piling machine, two or three on the broken; Used in the gantry hanging, a few hours on the broken; why? Because the customer's selection of the Steel Wire Rod is not correct, and as a Steel Wire Rod suppliers must be reasonable for customers to configure the application of durable high-quality Steel Wire Rod, which to establish a long-term customer trust mechanism is very important.

Steel Wire Rod is not you want to use can be used, nor is it you can buy it?

The same type of Steel Wire Rod diameter, the type of structure is not the same, for the use of equipment performance is not the same.

 Steel Wire Rod in our life is very frequent application, at the same time, it gives us the feeling is very hard and solid, but not good maintenance, life will be shortened, increasing the use of cost, but also there are some security risks , So good maintenance, can extend the service life of Steel Wire Rod, but also improve the safety factor.

First, the maintenance of Steel Wire Rod need to pay attention to the usual loading and unloading, loading and unloading works is a key to maintaining the rope, in the loading and unloading when the use of lifting equipment or skateboard professional tool loading and unloading, so as to avoid the disorder of the situation, resulting in wire wear or Is the phenomenon of winding.

Second, the Steel Wire Rod in the transport process, to avoid rolling on the uneven ground, so likely to cause damage to the wire dial, while rolling, it is easy to stick some stones or clay, etc., will also affect the Steel Wire Rod usage of. In the process of winding Steel Wire Rod, but also need to pay attention to the direction, according to a certain direction winding and rope, are necessary.