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Inspection And Use Of Mine Steel Wire Rod
Jun 23, 2017

Since the advent of the Steel Wire Rod, the contact state of the steel wire in the stock has been improved with the demand of the Steel Wire Rod production technology and application performance. It has experienced the following problems: point contact, line contact, surface contact 3 development process, surface contact Steel Wire Rod is developed on the basis of Steel Wire Rod A new kind of Steel Wire Rod, in the application, compared with the point, line Steel Wire Rod, it has some unique performance characteristics, mainly in:

(1) As the surface of the Steel Wire Rod has been subjected to plastic compression deformation, the surface of the stock is smooth, with the same specifications of the point, line contact stocks, the surface area. Therefore, when the rope is made of this kind of twist, the contact area with the sheave, the pulley and the reel is large, and the unit pressure on the sheave, the pulley and the reel is small, and the wear resistance is good.

(2) due to contact with the Steel Wire Rod rope by the plastic extrusion deformation, the stock of steel wire contact with each other for a larger plane or arc, the wire between the close contact, stable structure, anti-lateral deformation performance.

(3) As the surface of the Steel Wire Rod has been subjected to plastic extrusion deformation, the Steel Wire Rod structure is dense, with the same diameter, the same strength level point, the line contact Steel Wire Rod ratio, the effective area is large, the packing density coefficient is high, Elongation is small.

(4) shares in the wire gap is small, good sealing performance, corrosion medium is not easy to penetrate, corrosion resistance.

(5) As the surface contact Steel Wire Rod surface is smooth, compact structure, the contact between the wire stress is small, good resistance to lateral deformation; bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, therefore, this Steel Wire Rod anti-fatigue performance, high service life

Inspection of mine wire

(1) Lifting personnel or lifting personnel and materials used in the mine Steel Wire Rod, from the suspension every 6 months should be dismantled Steel Wire Rod tensile strength and bending performance test 1 times.

(2) Mine Steel Wire Rod for lifting material, 12 months from the time of suspension for the first test, after every 6 months Yuling 1 times.

(3) hanging wire hanging Steel Wire Rod every 12 months should be tested 1 times,

(4) to enhance the tank mine Steel Wire Rod must be every day Yu Yu broken wire, diameter, corrosion, wear and so on 1 time, and Pingde, anti-dropping brake, overhead manned device, traction belt conveyor mine Steel Wire Rod You must check at least once a week broken wire, diameter, corrosion, wear and so on 1 time.

(5) friction wheel lifting Steel Wire Rod use period shall not exceed 2 years. The use of the balance rope shall not exceed 4 years.