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How Should The Steel Wire Rod Be Chosen?
Jul 05, 2017

How should the Steel Wire Rod be chosen?

Steel Wire Rod in the industrial countries are standard products, mainly used in lifting, transport and other needs of high-strength rope in the transport. The number of strands per strand, the number of strands per strand, the tensile strength and the sufficient safety factor, and its specifications can be found in the relevant manual. Steel generally selected high-quality carbon steel 65, after repeated cold drawing and heat treatment can reach a high strength. Common occasions can be made of smooth steel wire twist, that is, after the cold drawn rope, without any surface treatment directly twisted Steel Wire Rod wet or open environment and other workplace can be galvanized steel wire twisted into the Steel Wire Rod to enhance the rust performance. Galvanized steel Steel Wire Rod, including hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized two methods, the thicker the galvanized layer, the better the anti-corrosion effect. Or the use of stainless steel material is better, but the price will be relative to the galvanized will be very high.

 Reference Price: smooth steel Steel Wire Rod 8500 / T (including tax free shipping), galvanized steel Steel Wire Rod 9500 / T (including tax free shipping)

In addition to the wear of the outer wire, the Steel Wire Rod is gradually broken by the repeated bending of the pulley and the reel, so the ratio of the pulley or the diameter of the drum to the Steel Wire Rod is an important factor in determining the life of the Steel Wire Rod. Large ratio, steel bending stress is small, long life. Must be based on the use of occasions to determine the appropriate ratio. The wear and tear of the surface layer of the Steel Wire Rod shall be scrapped when the number of turns exceeds the specified value.