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Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh With Thermal Insulation, Such As Durability And Seismic Performance
Oct 31, 2016

Hot-dip galvanizing as its name implies, is in heat for plating. Will zinc melting into liquid Hou, will mother material immersion which, such zinc on will and mother material formed mutual infiltration, combined have very close, Middle easily residues other impurities or defects, similar Yu two species material in coating parts melting to with has, and coating thickness big, can reached 100 Micron, so resistance corrosion capacity high, salt fog test 96h didn't problem of, equivalent to usually environment Xia 10 years; wire network forming Hou for plating zinc (hot plating) resistance corrosion sex good, has general wire network not has of advantages, available do outside wall insulation series.
Hot plating zinc wire network main for general building outside wall, and poured concrete, and senior residential,, in insulation system in the up with important of structure role, in construction Shi wire network by formed anti-crack mortar protection layer can and insulation material formed of insulation layer with formed outside wall insulation system, effective to protection residential of enclosure structure, makes outside of temperature changes, and rain erosion on buildings of damage greatly reduced, to solution has roofing seepage, and wall body cracking, disease, extended has buildings of life, also reduced has maintenance costs. Overall, insulation, durability and seismic performance has considerable advantages, energy-saving effect is good.