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Follow The Footsteps Of The World's Stainless Steel Screens
Oct 23, 2017

Following the changes in the world, fresh products more and more! Which is particularly evident stainless steel flower grid! The screen is a timeless and timeless furniture. Whether it is practical, or beautiful consideration, it is an excellent choice for interior design. And people's love and favor, but also shows the role of the diversity of the screen. The curtain is the earliest as a wind of the apparatus and, with its popularity, it also adds a lot of other features, such as decorative landscaping and so on.

Stainless steel flower lattice is the use of more than home furnishings, stainless steel flower grid shape, style can be modified according to the needs of users, or stainless steel flower grid surface processing, make it more colorful color, gives the magnificent Of the decorative effect, the surface process is usually two; one is the mirror, one is drawing. Mirror means to polish the surface of the mirror as the same reflective effect; drawing through the wire drawing machine, the stainless steel surface into a one of the hair lines. Stainless steel mirror reflective effect than the brushed, but easy to scratch, stainless steel wire drawing wear resistance is stronger. Usually the mirror is mainly used in the outdoors, drawing is mainly used indoors.

In our choice of stainless steel flower grid, the first choice is the style, mainly European style, Chinese style, classical and modern style. Stainless steel flower grid is made of stainless steel pipe forming, the formation of Chinese law-abiding, Founder of the shape, looks simple, translucent, rich three-dimensional, suitable for the lobby, windows. European style, mainly highlight the lines of soft, mostly to the pattern of the main pattern, the flat visual effect is very good, suitable for indoor partition decoration. Some people think that the stainless steel flower grid screen is a luxury, but from the stainless steel flower lattice of the craft and selection is not as good as that, choose stainless steel flower grid is our life environment a higher level of yearning. At home to place a more high-grade stainless steel rose gold flower lattice can be on the gas field temperament have subtle improvement.