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Corrosion Of Steel Steel Wire Rod
Jul 05, 2017

Steel Wire Rod internal wire in the use of Steel Wire Rod, the occurrence of fretting inevitable, when the surface of the wire by the role of friction, resulting in the occurrence of fretting wear. Poor lubrication causes the friction coefficient between the inner wire of the Steel Wire Rod to increase, so that the fretting wear speed of the wire is accelerated. The failure of the lubrication is caused at the same time, and the corrosion rate of the wire is accelerated. The common action of wear and corrosion is usually accelerated with each other. Wear and corrosion will lead to damage to the cross-sectional area of the damaged parts of the wire, that is, the first occurred in the process of Steel Wire Rod failure caused by micro-movement between the micro-wear, Steel Wire Rod during the use of axial tensile stress, resulting in the site The occurrence of stress concentration, causing fatigue cracks in the various types of defects at the initiation, and in the role of alternating stress gradually expanded until the final moment of fracture.

Fretting fatigue is the main cause of the failure of the Steel Wire Rod, corrosive environment, the use of Steel Wire Rod, corrosion fatigue is the main reason for the failure of Steel Wire Rod. Good internal lubrication of the Steel Wire Rod can effectively reduce the friction coefficient between the wire and the fretting wear rate, thus slowing the occurrence of fretting fatigue. The fatigue test of the elevator Steel Wire Rod is only 7 ~ 15 days. In the test of the Steel Wire Rod dismantling test, it is often found that the brown red rust (powdery ferric oxide) is found on the wire surface of the Steel Wire Rod, and such serious oxidation occurs in a short time Is a typical example of the combination of wear and corrosion during the fatigue test between the inner wires of the Steel Wire Rod. The use of Steel Wire Rod between the micro-movement is the formation of its special structure of the inherent characteristics, can only take all kinds of technical measures to weaken the damage between the wire micro-movement. Through the technical measures to strengthen the surface of Steel Wire Rod function, to improve the surface of the rope wire corrosion resistance, wear resistance, inhibition, slowing the surface of the microcracks fatigue crack initiation, so as to improve the Steel Wire Rod fatigue resistance and extend the life of the rope.

In the process of twisting and twisting of the rope, the wedge, the stepped and the mixed fracture are produced under the combined action of stretching, twisting and bending. The results of fracture microanalysis and metallographic tests show that the transverse crack occurs on the surface of the steel wire due to the combined action of torsion and bending load, and the crack is finally broken.