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China Steel Mill Prices Skyrocketed, Billet Rise 120
Feb 21, 2017

Steel spot market

Construction steel: February 20, the country 25 market thread HRB400 (20mm) average price of 3756 yuan / ton, up 91 yuan / ton last week. Today's increase in trading volume for the market price rose to lay a strong foundation, while Tangshan billet prices rose and the strength of the snail, making the market confidence has increased

Hot rolled coil: February 20, the national 4.75mm hot rolled coil average price of 3911 yuan / ton, up 19 yuan / ton last week. The current market circulation is mainly in the middlemen, the downstream get goods of the enthusiasm is not high, the market is still high inventory, the recent billet rose mainly driven by the production and to stimulate the positive.

Plate: February 20, the national average price of 2051 yuan 3751 yuan / ton, up 40 yuan last week / ton. Short-term market spot prices are still strong, optimistic attitude, the price is expected to continue to run high.

Cold rolled coil: February 20, the national average price of 1.071 cold-rolled 4771 yuan / ton, up 2 yuan / ton last week. Now the spot price is too high, the terminal manufacturing raw material costs rise, leading to demand is suppressed, the downstream has been waiting to see, short-term price or shock operation.