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Characteristics Of Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe Production Line
Nov 01, 2017

Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe production line is characterized by long production lines, transmission equipment, tension control requirements, steel strip easy to run, the necessary continuous production. In the process of finishing the thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe, the local area enters into the amorphous zone and the two-phase upper limit of the austenitic Seamless Steel Pipe manufacturer. The size and uniformity of ferrite grains in the recrystallization zone are related to the total deformation and the secondary pressure of the rolling stage, and the higher the total deformation and the lower rate, the finer and even the ferrite grains are obtained. The local area is also the crack open place and the middle, because of the cold, compared with the matrix side advance, therefore the opening place crack ferrite grain finer, the matrix data grain change is not big, the difference in two places causes the rolling crack.

Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe continuous hot dip galvanizing production line according to the production process is divided into the entrance section, process section, the entrance section three parts. The inlet section is the $number Seamless Steel Pipe to ensure the continuous feeding process section, the main equipment has the unwinding machine, the welder, the 1#s roller, the entrance live hitch, the craft section equipment has the 2#s roll, the stove roller, the grate, the zinc pot, the gas knife, the 3#s roller, this section request thick wall Seamless Steel Pipe running speed to be constant, the galvanized thin and evenly The inlet section shall be coated with rolled galvanized steel strip and ensure continuous production, the main equipment has imported live hitch, 4#s roll, roll before the pinch roller, coiling machine.

The need to note is that the River Steel April Child Plate Guide Price promulgated, the majority of varieties rose more than 400 yuan, and become the market again pulled up the fuse.

Although the experience of the previous period of crazy Rose and plunged, but the price of various varieties of steel in the previous phase of the low point still has a larger increase, in the short run there is still a need to debug, especially after a little crazy after the rise has not yet how to fall back on the varieties and cities, price decline to help release the risk, there is help in the healthy operation

Additional, Baosteel, Wisco and Angang, such as large-diameter thick-walled steel pipe manufacturers in various aspects also raised 4 詜 聕 price policy, for the rise of the steel market add power. With the warehouse prices, speaking this year, the National commercial housing Shing successfully achieve a "good start", flashing the price Zisheng situation, to help take the lead in real estate investment to warm.

Because of historical by, domestic steel production companies crowding in north and east China, and mainly concentrated in the city. In the decision-making process of the layout of the southeast coast steel base, "saving money" is not the main issue.

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