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Analysis Of Micro-cracks On Steel Plate
Oct 31, 2016

Surface micro-cracking a great impact on product quality, ranging from commuted, heavy scrap, especially containing niobium, vanadium, titanium plate steel plate is the most prominent, serious impact on the improvement of product quality and yield. Not only brought huge economic losses to the enterprise, but also restricts the development of medium and heavy plate production line. Surface micro cracks of plate edge cracking, longitudinal, star-shaped crack, its causes are both rolling process parameters control, continuous casting production, genetic and residual slab crack element enrichment.
Surface micro-cracking serious impact on product quality. Scholars through the cracks of the Chongqing iron and steel company limited analysis, metallographic observation of casting and steel plate and energy spectrum (eds), testing, and production process parameters is obtained q345a (thickness) of micro-cracks on steel plate surface mainly due to continuous casting mould copper plate coating loss. This can lead to copper penetration into the shell of the austenite grain boundaries, grain boundary crack will crack due to thermal stress are on the other hand, and TI-crack sensitivity of apparent particularly in the steel. Control measures: improving the quality of copper Crystallizer, to prevent copper exposure; before production on slab quality of coated copper sheet and production check through measures such as casting, improving cleanliness of molten steel.