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The main use of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Oct 31, 2016

1. color plating Al-Zn coated steel substrates for light weight and high strength steel.
2. by continuous hot dip treatment, aluminum-zinc alloy plating layers formed on both sides of the plate, after 20 years of different environments, field test was confirmed in the same environment, durable than galvanized steel aluminum-plating Zinc plate four times or more.
3. aluminium zinc plated steel coated with chemical coating, on chemical film coating on corrosion resistance of epoxy primer, increased corrosion protection function.
4. surface coated coated with weather resistance excellent colored special coating strong polyester, ensure aluminum-plating Zinc plate can use for many years and still keep their original color and gloss, coated with light gray paint at the bottom makes the steel more beautiful.
The main use of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Construction: civil and industrial building roofs, facades, garage doors, fences, shutters
Home appliances: ovens, explosion-proof outer cover strip, air conditioning and ventilation systems, solar water heaters, electrical components
Automotive industry: automobile mufflers, exhaust pipes and catalytic converter heat shield, the bottom of the car body parts, road signs
Industrial instrumentation: electric control cabinets, industrial refrigeration, vending machine