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The basic properties of steel welding
Oct 31, 2016

Basic properties of welded steel. Welding is done by local heating of the steel plastic or molten state, which will process of steel into steel.
Welding in steel, high temperature, which formed near the overheated zone, so that the internal organizational changes, around tendencies and lower weld quality.
Good welding properties of steel, welding the welding head strong, hard and brittle after small, can still remain with the original steel of similar nature.
Weldability of steel, mainly due to its chemical composition and the content of. When the carbon content exceeds a certain amount of time, poor weldability of steel. Increased content of other elements, it will decrease the weldability.
Preheating before welding and post weld heat treatment method, allows the welding of steels with poor weldability quality is assured.
In addition, the correct choice of electrode and operations is also the main measures to improve weld quality name.