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Steel zero-cut technology
Oct 31, 2016

Zero-cut plate is the size of a customer need, then businesses will sell something goods cut to steel plate.
Steel plate cutting standard is the first to have a certain range, standard suitable for cutting of steel plate used in the cutting process of raw materials, which can be present in plasma cutting and flame cutting, as a process of cutting material.
Cutting when cutting is also very particular about.
1. during the time of semi-automatic cutting, put the Rails on and was cut after the plane of the plate, then on the guide rail cutting machine with care.
2. semi-automatic cutting and automatic cutting of different can get cut from the tray and consider cutting up. While cutting the size is determined by the thickness of the steel plate.
3. when the plate cutting, the flame must be larger to make parts on the side of the heat. And so on ...
In order to avoid cutting deformation, to start by cutting a small part, then consider large parts on the narrow strip cutting, it will leave a 51 MM in length are not cut, symmetry or the use of a cutting torch cutting method is OK. Remember when straight cutting flame cutting nozzle, or bending will appear.