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Steel-cut sharing
Oct 31, 2016

General technology of steel, is a slab, heating, rolling, trim to length and packaging. For cold-rolled steel sheet is concerned, its production process, it is for cleaning, annealing, pickling, cold rolling, flat. If necessary, can also be used for plating and coating and so on. Steel plate are generally cold, the majority now. In the processing of steel plates, if you tolerance level is relatively high, steel manufacturer Zhejiang Teda recommendations, in order to avoid problems with variable grinding, but also to the subsequent use of the plate or processing.
If lower carbon content in steel plate, then the processing performance is better. However, nor too low, because the plate, in the process of cutting, prone to cutting problems such as tumors, which can affect the cutting speed, and affect the quality and effectiveness. Zhejiang, Changzhou Thai steel processing co's conclusion is steel with low carbon content, affects the steel plate processing performance and degree of difficulty. So its carbon content to appropriate it.