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Metal tile waterproof construction
Oct 31, 2016

Light steel metal roofing material with the exception of metal plate, a more common and metal tile. The metal tile is coated with colored Zinc hot dip galvanized steel sheet as a substrate, time stamping, shape like botuping tiles, color has a variety to choose from.
The accessories Ridge tile, metal tile roofing corner tiles, flashing plate, deflector and slot cover plate. Connections with self-tapping screws, rivets, bolts, and so on. Other supporting material has gasket, demands and pressure plate.
Metal tile roofing construction of their lateral direction should also be taken into account when the local prevailing wind direction in summer. Metal tile and tiled connections, should be at the w and w connection of two or two self tapping screws with tiled fixed, if it's three or four arcs using two self tapping screws, if five arcs w with three self tapping screws.
Ridge tile, angle tiles, flashing plate, deflector and the overlap between the expansion joint covers and other accessories should be back dominant wind direction, lap length is greater than or equal to 150 mm, with rivets and connection of roof tile in the Middle, and rivets in the distance should be less than or equal to 150 mm, rivet tile trough should be avoided. Self tapping screws equipped with EPDM pad and cover must be complete and reliable waterproofing; rivets exposed nail heads should be coated with a sealant.
Metal bead with wall connection, brick walls using concrete nails, concrete wall nailing should be used.