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Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
Oct 31, 2016

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in various strengths and thickness specifications of cold-rolled steel plate for the base material, double hot-dipped galvanized coating as proceeds of a Al-Zn coating on the plates, coating composition quality percentage-55%Al, 43.5%Zn and 1.5%Si, combines Al physical protection and durability of high and Zn of electrochemical protection features. In addition, the surface has a high decorative light silver-gray Jersey and pattern of the rule, and has a floating sense of convex. Aluminum-plating Zinc plate proved to have the following features: extraordinary weather resistance and used for more than 20 years without maintenance. Recently the roof/wall system of early product test results show that aluminum-plating Zinc plate in decades of strong sun light, exposure, industrial waste under the action of temperature stress of erosion and, good performance no maintenance is required. Over 500 million square meters of the world project examples make the aluminum-plating Zinc plate is more architects and owners of all ages. Excellent corrosion resistance performance, innovative design style is the reason the roof/wall system widely. Studies show that current roof system in the majority of cases expected to reach more than the service life of 30 years or even a longer period, without maintenance.