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Anti-corrosion of steel protection measures
Oct 31, 2016

Corrosion-resistant. Steel corrosion of both internal factors (material) and external causes (environment media), so larger or reducing corrosion of steel. Can change the corrosion of the steel itself, erosion in the isolation environment properties or change the three aspects of steel surface processes. Concrete measures using weathering steel, metal, metal and concrete reinforcing bars in rust.
Spectacular and weathering steel. Atmospheric corrosion resistance of weathering steel is steel. Weathering steel is added to the carbon and low alloy steel in a dry copper, chromium, nickel, molybdenum and other alloying elements and made. The steel in the presence of air, can form a dense surface anti-corrosion coating, corrosion resistance, while maintaining a good welding properties of steel. Weathering steel! Levels consistent with the commonly used carbon and low alloy steel, technical indicators are similar, but its resistance to corrosion is 丨 times higher. Corrosion resistant steel grades, chemical composition, mechanical properties and characteristics can be found in the national standard of the weather resistant structure Kam (GB/T 4171-2008).
Metal cover. With a corrosion resistant metal, plating or sputtering methods covered in steel surfaces, high corrosion resistance of steel. Common methods include zinc plating (Tin), Tin (Tin), value and chrome. According to the principle of corrosion covered can be classified as cathode and anode covered. High cathode covering potential steel metal cover, such as Tin. Cover metal only mechanically protected by steel, protected membrane destruction will accelerate corrosion of steel in electrolyte. Lower than steel anode covered with potential metal, such as zinc, metal membrane protect steel due to electrochemical action.
Non-metallic cover. With non-metallic materials as protection film on the steel surface, isolated from the environment media, Chi or slow corrosion. Such as spray paint, enamel and plastics, etc. Paint is usually divided into primer, intermediate coat and face Lue primers require better adhesion and corrosion protection, intermediate coat for paint, paint requires better prison j and weather resistance to protect primer from damage or weathering. General application for two primers (or primer and paint) and two finishes, demanding increases a intermediate or topcoat. Use of rust-proof paint, note: the steel surface rust and primer, intermediate coat and finishes the match.
Concrete reinforcing steel rust-proof. PH value in the normal concrete about 12 when alkaline oxide film formed on steel surface (film), reinforced for protection. If the concrete carbonation, due to the drop of alkalinity (neutral) will lose the protective effect of reinforcement. In addition, reach a certain concentration of chloride ions in concrete, will seriously damage the surface passivation films.